katgolek Site Global Texture - Noise Background
katgolek Site Global Texture - Noise Background
    Ecommerce banner site mockup
    Ecommerce banner site mockup

Project Details

Modern web identity & improved user experience for polish sport club

UKS Alfa is an extraordinary club - an association founded by conscious parents and experienced coaches, which was created in response to the development needs of children. It helps children believe in their own strengths and enjoy sports.

Initially club web identity was based on simple Wordpress theme. In order to receive better web performance and more modern experience I designed and developed jamstack website using gatsby.js for frontend and wordpress as a headless cms for backend. In order to meet accessibility standards both light and dark mode with high contrast have been developed.


Uks Alfa


Web Design & Jamstack Web Development with Wordpress as headless CMS


Home Page Banner Mockup on mobile view
Responsive landing page design covering such sections as: club mission, experienced coaches, spectacular results, important events organised by the club, sponsors and support / donation  section
Laptop view for section mission
Showcase section tablet / desktop view
Coaches section tablet / desktop view
Showcase, mission and coaches sections on mobile view
Results section on mobile view
Featured results section tablet / desktop view
Events section tablet / desktop view
Events & Partners section tablet / desktop view
Events & partners section on mobile view
Donation/ support section tablet / desktop view
Donation / support section on mobile view
Responsive subpages referring to amazing coaches and spectacular results
Coach single page responsive design
Responsive subpages referring to trainnings and payments and article singles page
Article Single page responsive design
Training's section tablet / desktop view
Training's section on mobile view
Payment section tablet / desktop view
FAQ section tablet / desktop view
Payment & FAQ sections on mobile view
Responsive subpages referring to documents and news
Documents single page responsive design
News Single Page Responsive Design with latest articles
Menu Desktop Mockup with listed links