katgolek Site Global Texture - Noise Background
katgolek Site Global Texture - Noise Background
    Ecommerce banner site mockup
    Ecommerce banner site mockup

This is how North Source evaluated my work

Kate is so damned talented. I have been really impressed with all the work she has done so far for us. She has created for us highly competitive website, comparable to that of $100M revenue companies.

Project Details

Hand selected top remote professionals

North Source is a start up business solution from Canada powered by Teema Group specialising in recruitment of top tech contractors from Canada for US companies. Having in mind company's brand guide, as well as North Source business profile and goals I have proposed completely new interactive web architecture. As the design main focal point and key differentiation I have highlighted geographical correlation, desired remote candidate skillset as well as cooperation with business partners through connection and relationship building. Front end development has been made in Vue.js using Gridsome Jamstack framework while for the backend data I have used headless CMS Strapi.


North Source


Interactive website architecture design & development ( home page, faq page & contact page )


Company Managers browsing on Northsource website - landing page banner view on iMac
Norhsource responsive landing page first few sections: banner, video section and skilled contractor section
Norhsource responsive landing page first last sections: values section, testimonials section and contact  section
Northsource skilled contractor section tablet view
Norhsource responsive frequent questions page
Northsource  contact page mockup
North Source mobile design mockups: banner view, skilled contractor view and values section view
North Source mobile designs : values section, testimonials section and cta section
North Source FAQ page and contact page
Street Bilboard of Company's Competitive Advantage Section ("Skilled Contractor")